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Mobile Tubeveyors to 2.5 tonnes per minute Mobile Tubeveyors to 2.5 tonnes per minute Mobile Tubeveyors to 2.5 tonnes per minute Mobile Tubeveyors to 2.5 tonnes per minute Mobile Tubeveyors to 2.5 tonnes per minute
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Mobile Tubeveyors to 2.5 tonnes per minute

Designed for easy, high performance grain and fertiliser handling into and out of silos, bunkers, sheds, trucks etc Aust-Mech’s ‘Pro Farm’ range of Mobile Tubeveyors are ideal for use on farm or within bulk grain storage facilities. This range of Tubeveyors can also be equipped with a vast array of purpose designed attachments enabling your Tubeveyor to handle all your grain conveying requirements and be versatile enough to instantly adapt as your operation changes or grows.


  • 6”ø barrel, 250mm wide belt, capacity up to 1 tonne per minute (60 t/hr), guaranteed.
  • 9”ø barrel, 350mm wide belt, capacity up to 2.5 tonne per minute (150 t/hr), guaranteed.
  • Lengths from 25’ to 90’ long (longer on request).
  • Self aligning, Automatic Spring Tensioners maintains correct belt tension, which extends belt life, minimises maintenance and with Aust-Mech’s unique long travel, design allows simple and rapid inspection of belt and roller condition.
  • Ultra-Slim tail end allows easy access to very low silo outlets and minimises damage from tipping trucks.
  • Easily towed at highway speeds by ute or 4WD.
  • Self propelled for mobility around site.
  • Large range of accessories to increase versatility. Eg. Cross Sweep retrievers, Swing Away conveyors, pivoting chutes etc.
  • Petrol engine drive, Electric motor drive or PTO from tractor.
  • Australian designed and built.


  • Clean operation
  • Gentle on grain
  • Low maintenance design
  • Hinged folding barrel and telescopic axles for Tubeveyors over 50’ long enable road towing with standard vehicle.
  • Telescoping axles allow unparalleled stability when working at height.
  • Vertical hoisting undercarriage providing inherent strength without excessive weight
  • Fully self propelled with powered hoist and steering etc (optional)
  • ‘Single-pin-fixing’ hoppers are all interchangeable.
  • Simple and convenient operator controls.
  • All new materials and components used


  • Proven design for longevity and performance.
  • High capacity grain conveying with minimal power requirements.
  • Careful design to minimise grain leakage.
  • Most versatile grain conveyors available.
  • A vast array of time saving and “user friendly” features means fast turn-around and minimal down-time.
  • Numerous attachments are available ensuring a highly versatile investment – less capital equipment required to perform numerous tasks.
  • 25+ years experience in the design and manufacture of Tubeveyors and superior bulk grain handling equipment.
  • Backup field service Australia wide
  • Australian made for Australian conditions


  • Petrol engine drive, Electric motor drive or PTO from tractor.
  • 3 point linkage mounted PTO side drive kit.
  • Manufactured from stainless steel for use with highly corrosive materials eg. Fertilisers, ammonium nitrate etc.
  • Variety of infeed hoppers to suit your requirements.
  • Hydraulic power drive to hoist, tailwheel lift and steer and wheel drives and to power attachments
  • Directional head chutes
  • Cross sweep retriever
  • Swing away conveyors
  • Drive over inloading grids
  • CC TV camera at head to assist positioning of Tubeveyor into silo inlet
  • Turntable axles for sideways movement along bunkers or row of silos or for radial movement
  • lighting kits for night operation
  • Chemical spray application kits
  • Custom design to suit your specific application.

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