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Bins and Hoppers

Supplementing our extensive range of conveyors Aust-Mech also manufacture a number of storage bins and transfer hoppers for almost every commodity. Talk to Aust-Mech about your requirements, if we don’t have an existing design that suits your purpose we would be pleased to custom design a system for your application.

Our range includes:

  • 70 tonne bulk storage bins for ammonium nitrate prill complete with spreader augers in
    roof and retrieval augers in floor. Optional automatic operation.
  • Mobile (in field) fertiliser hoppers c/w bulker bag spike
  • Grain hoppers for receiving from front end loaders when outloading bunkers etc.
  • Batch weigh hoppers for grain and fertiliser.
  • Bagging hoppers with multiple outlets.
  • Weigh bins.
  • Outloading hoppers c/w outload auger, flow weigher and automatic slide gate.
  • Overhead garner bins.
  • Surge hoppers.
  • Hoppers for non free flowing commodity. Eg. Cotton seed hulls, compost.

Features available:

  • Slide gate, clam shell door or rotary valve at outlet.
  • Load cells.
  • Outload auger with flow weigher.
  • Auto closing outlet door operating from flow weigher or load cell signal.
  • Manual, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic operated outlet door.
  • Spreader and retrieval augers for large bins.
  • Manufactured from stainless steel or mild steel.
  • Chemical resistant, industrial 2 pack coating.

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