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Options, Custom Modifications

Aust-Mech’s Tubeveyor range is highly versatile and with the right selection of additional equipment can be used for multiple roles within your operation, therefore minimising capital outlay and simplifying your operation. Listed below is a selection of standard optional equipment which can be included with your Tubeveyor during manufacture or retro fitted in the field.

Should you have a requirement we have not covered with our standard options we are always happy to customise a design, or design from the ground up any equipment you need.

Our range of standard options include:

  • Interchangeable intake hoppers – wider inloading, low line under silo and small seed types. Also allows quick replacement or repair if damaged by tipping trucks etc.
  • ‘Power drive’ hydraulic self propulsion kits. Including hydraulic lift and steering etc.
  • Hinged folding barrel for road towing.
  • Telescoping axles allowing legal road towing wilst providing stability when working at height
  • Turntable axles for sideways or radial travel.
  • Onboard lighting kits for night work.
  • Onboard Chemical spray application kits.
  • CCTV camera at outlet for accurate placement over target area.
  • Remote or radio control to selected functions.
  • Remote operator consoles.
  • Pivoting outlet chutes, downwards or forward facing – Manual or hydraulic operation.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic power packs.
  • Cross sweep retrievers.
  • Swing Away Tubeveyors.
  • Drive over receival grids – mobile or fixed.
  • Inloading hoppers to receive from front end loaders.
  • Flow weighers.

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