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Cross Sweeps

An invaluable tool for outloading grain from bunkers or sheds. Aust-Mech’s range of Cross Sweep Retrievers enable high capacity retrieval of grain from bunkers or sheds by one operator. Designed to attach to Aust-Mech Tubeveyors they are matched to the capacity of the Tubeveyor and are available with up to 6m wide retrieval fronts. Aust-Mech Cross Sweep retrievers can be attached or detached from the Tubeveyor without tools in minutes freeing up the Tubeveyor for other tasks. With hydraulic lift and steering accurate positioning and ground clearance control is a breeze. The versatility of Aust-Mech Cross Sweeps is extended by the fitment of the inload hopper. Used in conjunction with the 6m sweep the 2 inloading points so formed enable a 7 tonne per minute non stop throughput to be achieved – One truck is unloading while the second manoeuvres into position.


  • Capacities up to 7 tonnes per minute, guaranteed.
  • Widths up to 6m wide.
  • Optional clip on front allows use as receival hopper for unloading 2 trucks at once.
  • Power from on board Tubeveyor hydraulic power pack or electric/hydraulic power pack on board cross sweep.
  • Clean effective operation on concrete, gravel, bitumen compacted earth or ground sheet surfaces.
  • Blade design provides a clean floor without digging in.
  • Pneumatic tyres and hydraulic lift provide excellent blade flotation.
  • Hydraulic steerable wheels enable precise manoeuvrability. Essential when cleaning up and working against walls etc.
  • All Aust-Mech Cross sweeps feature hydraulic drive to cross augers and inclined auger. This feature ensures greater reliability by minimising risk of damage from hidden obstructions or overloads. It also provides greater capacity by avoiding restart procedures after overloads caused by over ambitious advances or ‘avalanches’ on the grain face.
  • Direct bunker to truck outloading with continuous flow.
  • Easy one man operation.
  • High capacities matched to Tubeveyor.
  • Minimum damage to ground tarps and bunker floors.
  • Simple controls from Tubeveyor operator console.
  • Rapid attachment and removal from Tubeveyor.


  • Outload bunkers and sheds with the same equipment used to fill them – less capital equipment required.
  • High capacity, continuous outloading direct to trucks.
  • Single operator outloading from bunkers or sheds.
  • 25+ years experience in the design and manufacture of Tubeveyors and superior bulk grain handling equipment.
  • Aust-Mech are world leaders in high capacity Tubeveyor and associated equipment design and innovation.
  • Proven design for longevity and performance.
  • Backup field service Australia wide.
  • Australian made for Australian conditions.

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