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Circular Conveyor Systems

Ideal for high or low volume and / or segregated grain storage applications this concept, requiring the silos to be placed in a circular pattern provides an innovative and economic solution to the need for a self cleaning means of moving grain into, between and out of silos and using single inload and outload points. Tubeveyors also offer gentle handling at capacities from zero to 10 tonnes per minute.

The diameter of the silo circle depends on silo height and the number and size of silos required. Typical installations installed to date have capacities from 500 tonnes to 25,000 tonnes. We can also cater for circles with 2 or 3 concentric circles of silos allowing greater segregation, larger overall storage capacity and varying silo sizes.

The system can be used with either elevated cone based silos or flat bottom silos. For the flat bottom silos we offer an under silo extractor conveyor to replace the more traditional auger extractor when self cleaning, gentle and / or high capacity performance is required. Only one extractor conveyor is required to service any number of silos in the circle.

An added attraction of the Aust-Mech circular Tubeveyor system is the ability to use the Tubeveyors own stairway and walkways to access the silo eaves, ventilation and centre fill points. This provides safety compliant and convenient access to all silo tops without the cost of multiple silo mounted access ladders, landings and walkways.

The system incorporates a common centre point through which all grain, whether inloading, transferring or outloading must pass. This enables us to provide as an option a flow weigher with stock monitoring and reporting system to track and report the contents of each silo.

Suitable for both on farm applications as well as large grain storage and processing plants Aust-Mech can design a system to perfectly suit your requirements.


  • A circular silo complex is used in conjunction with high performance Aust-Mech Tubeveyors, resulting in the most flexible and convenient storage and handling system available.
  • Ideal for low and high volume and / or high segregation applications.
  • Single point inload into multiple silos.
  • Single or numerous outload points via downchute to processing plant, trucks, container filling plants etc.
  • Can accommodate elevated or flat bottom silos.
  • Total storage capacities up to 25 000 tonnes
  • High capacity throughput, 120 to 600 tonnes per hour. Largely overcomes the need for large inload pits and outload garner bins.
  • Can be configured to blend grain from multiple silos.
  • Easy transfer from – Truck to any silo, any silo to any silo or any silo to outload.
  • Can incorporate flow weigher in system to record inload and outload quantities and keep running inventory of stock in silos.
  • Legal, convenient and cost effective access to all silo fill points and eaves via walkways and stairways fitted to Tubeveyors (no need for multiple costly and inconvenient vertical ladders and cages etc).
  • Simple fast movement between silos
  • Can incorporate multiple silo sizes within same system
  • Silo storage capacity can be increased with no additional cost for handling equipment.


  • Aust-Mech Tubeveyors provide smooth running, high capacity grain conveying with minimum residue between samples.
  • Aust-Mech Tubeveyors feature unique spring tensioners to belt providing longer belt and join life and minimal maintenance.
  • Safe, convenient access to all silo and eave inspection hatches from conveyor system walkway and stairways. All walkways etc comply with appropriate A.S. Codes. (silos do not require costly access ladders).
  • All tail hoppers are easily removable to allow inspection and service of rubber skirts.
  • All head chutes are provided with inspection hatches and removable covers to allow easy access for inspection and cleaning if required.
  • Operator control positions are located to provide clear visibility of ‘target’ areas over and under silos.
  • Can incorporate concentric rings of silos to provide large medium and small capacity silos in the same circle. This maximizes available capacity as small residual amounts in large silos can be quickly transferred to small silos.
  • Optional incorporation of flow weigher and stock control.
  • When on ground silos are installed Aust-Mech circular Tubeveyor systems can provide power to silo floor sweeps
  • Optional remote computer-controlled movement and positioning of conveyors
  • Low capital cost.

We also suggest you view our ‘overhead conveyor systems’ and ‘under silo conveyors’ pages.

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