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Mobile Tubeveyor up to 2.5t per minute

The Aust-Mech ‘Profarm’ series is suitable for a wide range of applications such as filling and emptying silos, bunkers and sheds; container filling, seed grading plants and industrial applications.

Mobile Tubeveyor up to 10t per minute

Extremely reliable, high capacity mobile grain handling equipment designed specifically for bulk grain storage and handling sites and large cropping enterprise. The Aust-Mech ‘Professional’ series is the largest fully mobile grain conveyors on the market in terms of both reach and capacity and can be custom designed to suit your specific requirements.

Mobile Receival Grid (BDOG) and Bunker Stacker

Enables high capacity all-belt stacking of bunkers, with quick and convenient unloading of trucks including B doubles and road trains. Unique all-belt design ensures gentle handing, safe and smooth operation and self cleaning between loads. Self-propelled and instantly mobile along the bunker while also being quickly and easily truck loaded for site relocation.

MCFA35 Mobile Container Filler

Enables high capacity filling for 20′ containers. It is fully mobile, fully transportable and set up quickly and easily. The optional pressure fill ensures maximum capacity is achieved.

Auger Drive Over Recieval Grid

Auger Drive Over Recieval Grid
The Aust-Mech ADOG Drive Over Receival Grid incorporates 30 years of industry knowledge and experience to acheive the highest level in strength, capacity and longevity in the auger type drive over market.

More brochures and downloads will be available shortly.

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