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Drive Over Receival Grids

Highly mobile or fixed drive over receival grids designed for high capacity, quick and convenient unloading of trucks including B doubles and road trains. Unique all belt design ensures gentle handling, safe and smooth operation and self cleaning between loads. Available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit your application


  • Capacities up to 10 tonnes per minute (600 t/hr).
  • All belt design for safe, clean and gentle operation.
  • Your choice of power source including onboard power pack.
  • Low deck height.
  • Low gradient ramps.
  • Level tipping deck.
  • Rapid relocation as bunker fills.
  • Power options, On board diesel/hydraulic, Electric motor or PTO from tractor.
  • Australian designed and built.


  • High capacity.
  • Clean operation.
  • Gentle on grain.
  • Self cleaning between loads.
  • Spring tensioner to conveyor belt.
  • Versatile – Propulsion from stacker or tractor or self propelled.
  • Tractor propelled versions have tractor attached clear of roadway for instant mobility
  • Truck friendly – low grid height and low gradient ramps.
  • Level tipping deck.
  • Grid designed to accommodate 20 tonne axle load
  • Specialist design for minimum maintenance.
  • Unique flow control system allows matching to stacker capacity without restricting grid opening size.
  • Hydraulic wheels and ramp lift for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Electric, hydraulic or diesel engine powered.
  • Easy and fast movement between sites without use of a crane.
  • Easily towed on road.
  • Can be matched to suit any stacker.


  • Proven design for longevity and performance.
  • Unique Aust-Mech long travel spring tensioners to belt.
  • High capacity grain conveying with minimal power requirements.
  • Time saving and “user friendly” features means fast turn-around and minimal down-time.
  • 25+ years experience in the design and manufacture of Tubeveyors and superior bulk grain handling equipment.
  • Backup field service Australia wide.
  • Australian made for Australian conditions.


  • On board Diesel, Hydraulic or Electric drive available.
  • Road towing kit.
  • Night operation lighting kit c/w light towers.
  • Auger type or all belt design.
  • Fixed location or fully mobile units.
  • Propulsion from stacker or tractor or self propelled from on board power pack.
  • Various lengths of outfeed conveyor to suit stacker intake hopper.
  • Hungry boards and gates behind truck to increase holding volume.
  • Remote or radio control.
  • Truck ‘Go’ / ‘Stop’ lights.


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